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013: Benefit In Life with a “Beginner’s Mind” (Minisode 6:57)

July 19, 2018

A beginner’s mind will open us to new possibilities.

“Beginner’s mind” is a concept that comes from Zen Buddhism. I’m not a Buddhist, but this particular concept resonates with me. It’s a mindset, an approach to life that is open, boundless, limitless and infinitely wealthy.

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Our mind easily becomes closed and limiting. We may feel secure and proud in our dogmatism. But it stifles life-force.

A beginner’s mind is a beautiful mind. It’s the mind of a child — questing, questioning, welcoming, learning. It is supple and receptive.

The key is becoming a child again. Not childish. But embracing fresh beginnings as a child would.

Much possibilities overflow in a child’s mind. The mind of a child innovates. A child will figure it out and find a way. The belief level soars, not yet jaded by the world of big-adult “expert” ideas.

Jesus spoke of this: “You must become like a child to enter my world, a higher dimension of living with new possibilities.”



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