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016: Jesus Is Our Model of the Normal Christian Life with Jake Veach

July 31, 2018

Jesus is the standard. The template. He models for us what the Normal Christian Life looks like. There's a difference between the Average Christian life and the Normal Christian Life. Jesus shows us what the norm is.

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  • As we progressively know the Creator -- the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit -- we understand creation and our role in it.
  • As we progress in our revelation and knowledge of Christ, we progress in our identity and destiny. We understand who we are and what we can do.
  • Jesus wants to coach us, bringing us to more and more breakthrough points. He wants us to see him differently with each successive advance.
  • It’s all about seeking the Lord Jesus Christ. Seeking his kingdom and righteousness. As we do, everything we’re designed for is added to us.



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We’re resolved that Jesus Christ is the most brilliant person to walk the planet! He knows how life works best. And the future belongs to him ... and those who follow him.

Stellar guests are on the docket. And we’ll be questing after Kingdom themes -- what Jesus taught and modeled.

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