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022: It’s Way Beyond Attending Church — It’s the Kingdom Contribution You Make Out There with Troy Thompson

August 21, 2018
Troy Thompson wants you to win -- he wants you to find your lane out there and do your Kingdom thing. It's beyond attending church. Even serving in church. It's finding your place in Jesus' Kingdom realm. And making your Kingdom contribution in our Father's world.


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  • There's a royal anointing in you if you're born again as Jesus taught. You must live in harmony with that anointing or you're going to be frustrated.
  • It's way beyond attending church. Even serving in church. It's about the Kingdom contribution you make out there.
  • Your identity and purpose are your secret powers.
  • In Jesus, you've been born of incorruptible seed ... the thoughts, words, and DNA of God the Father. Live according to your Higher DNA.
  • Everyone talks about what happens on the ground -- demographics. But the real controlling forces are psychographics (mentalities and emotional states) and pneumagraphics (spiritual realities).



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