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033: Brushstrokes of Heaven with Tammy Heidenreich

October 9, 2018

She struggled with trauma as a child, adolescent, and young adult. It came to a point where she felt … and these are her words ... “Like some people are born to be stepped on.” But she discovered healing and restoration.

And now with empathy, gifts of healing, and creativity, Tammy Heidenreich moves toward pain and suffering, bringing the compassionate touch from the Father Above -- the Artist of All who touches the earth with Brushstrokes from Heaven.

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Tammy is happily married, has three amazing children, and two hilarious dogs. She has a bachelor’s degree in Art Therapy, a License in Social Work and Chemical Dependency Counseling. She worked for several years as a chemical dependency counselor. She has also served in children, youth, adult and inner healing ministry. Her own recovery from an unusual variety of life challenges has fueled her passion to help people who feel beat up by life to heal emotionally and live in wholeness and joy. Right now she is pouring most of that passion into her writing. Besides writing, she loves reading, hiking, taking nature photographs, creating song lyrics, and making fun memories with family and friends.

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