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035: Shut the Door, Keep Out the Devil! — Jesus Tactic (Minisode 9:00)

October 18, 2018

Give no ground to the devil. The Adversary gains advantage against us when we give him ground.

“I will no longer talk much with you, for the ruler of this world is coming, and he has nothing in Me” (John 14:30 NKJV).

There was no anger in Jesus … no lust, bitterness, disobedience, or anything not in harmony with the Father’s design. The devil had no ground against Jesus.

The devil cannot overcome us unless we give him the ground to do so.

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"How do we defeat the enemy? Our victory begins with the name of Jesus on our lips, uttered in fervent prayer. Our triumph is consummated by the transformation of our nature, where Christ Himself dwells as Lord in our hearts."  ― Francis Frangipane

"The reason for many people’s discouragement and defeat is because at some point, they are not in right alignment with the Lord’s ways—either because they don’t realize it or due to outright disobedience. Learning how to align in God’s ways is essential to establishing a life that is efficient in moving on in the victory Jesus has for us." -- Jack Hayford



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