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038: Apostolic DNA: Engage Spiritual Warfare — Minisode 14:53 (Apostolic Christ-Followers Series, No. 9)

October 31, 2018

Question for us: Has Christianity degraded as a movement from the powerful, uncomplicated, and original to the overly-complex and institutional … what Paul referred to as a form with no power? The core DNA element of Apostolic Christianity is the Gospel of the Kingdom. What is “Good News (the Gospel)”? The Good News is the announcement of the Caesar Christ -- Christ as King, God as King. This implies conflict.

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A Few Takeaways:

  • Christ is a warrior -- it’s in his power that we fight
  • Like King David, we’re going to have to outwit the enemy with the mind of Christ -- stratagems
  • Develop higher belief set points
  • Build a new internal reality map which empowers you to navigate and succeed on the battlefield
  • Make your stand -- insist on enforcing the victory Christ has won.



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