Jesus Smart: The Podcast

041: Understand the Kingdom Story, Acts I-V — Find Your Place with Matt Raines

November 13, 2018

You’re designed for narrative -- your Personal Life Story and the Big Story that’s shaping and moving everything.

The Grand Narrative is the loving rule and reign of God. Jesus has come to put things back in order, restoring us as Vice-Regents under God as King.

You’re going to hear from Matt Raines. Get ready for this. The 5 acts of the Kingdom Story ... nuanced and subtle, and yet writ large across time and space. And in Christ, your life is written into the Big Story on the Big Stage.


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We’re resolved that Jesus Christ is the most brilliant person to walk the planet! He knows how life works best now. And the future belongs to him ... and those who follow him. Even more, the future is breaking into the present.

We engage stellar guests. And we’re questing after Kingdom themes -- what Jesus taught and modeled. There's no need to be stuck. His commitment is that we level up.

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