Jesus Smart: The Podcast

064: Godspeed! // Understanding Pneumagraphics, Psychographics, and Demographics Can Transform Towns and Cities

April 4, 2019

Welcome to Godspeed! ... punchy, bite-sized tinysodes from Jesus Smart. This is episode #64. Everybody knows about demographics. Housing, economics, politics, business, crime, education, family life, and so on. We get "news" of demographics every day. People in the know also talk about psychographics ... the mentality and emotional life of people, whether in rural settings, communities, towns, or cities. Psychographics shapes demographics. Those who develop in Christ and form a Kingdom worldview know that there's an even higher level. Pneumagraphics is on top of everything -- shaping psychographics which shapes demographics. This is the level of revelation, understanding, higher thinking, prayer, spiritual gifts, the Word, and somehow teaching everyone all that Jesus commanded. Understanding this framework can transform everything.

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