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068: Ohio Heartbeat Bill … Jesus-Followers Carry Resurrection Life - Janet Porter

April 23, 2019

Janet Porter is a seasoned warrior in the movement to protect the lives of babies. The Ohio state motto is, "With God, All Things Are Possible." Through an indefatigable faith, Janet has been a "Possibility" Point Person in launching the nation's first "heartbeat bill" in February, 2011. After an 8-year faith odyssey, Ohio became the 6th state in the nation to pass and sign a heartbeat bill (April, 2019) -- a baby cannot be aborted if a heartbeat is detected. There are presently 15 states in the heartbeat bill movement. Janet's question: Will Christ-Followers be confined to the "Church Ghetto?" Or will they reshape society as salt and light ... releasing the life of Jesus?

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