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112: Bernie Vs. Christ, the Capitalist - Dustin Johnson

February 19, 2020

Hate it or love it, you'll want to spread the word on this one -- Bernie (Sanders) Vs. Christ, the Capitalist. Our special guest is Dustin Johnson of You may find this a little provocative. Does the Garden of Eden inform our experience in Christ? Are we designed as Vice-Regents ... to reign on God's behalf? And can we access this in Christ?

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  • In this episode, we discuss the Garden of Eden as seminal, filled with Kingdom DNA and precedents for Christ-Followers.
  • What is the image of God in humanity? It’s not only a claim about the transcendental nature of human beings but also a claim about representation, role, and purpose.
  • What does the question “Adam, where are you” mean? Jesus said, “The Son of Man has come to seek and save the Lost.” What is Jesus seeking? We suggest that he is seeking to restore humanity to their place of exercising dominion under God.
  • Regeneration in Christ is the beginning of returning to the Eden Dynamic, starting now.
  • Those who are born again in Christ are to reign in Christ, on behalf of his Kingdom.

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