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123: He Experienced a Prophetic Dream: Could May 1, 2020, Be a Pivotal Moment for the Coronavirus (And the American Economy)? — Matt Peterson

April 8, 2020


On March 16, 2020, Matt Peterson experienced a prophetic dream — he encountered fearsome Chinese Foo Dogs (Chinese Guardian Lions) and bled profusely from his right wrist.

A former telecommunications officer with the federal government and now a pastor in North Carolina, Matt Peterson has sought the Lord for interpretation and insight. He’s advising May 1 could be a pivotal inflection point for the global pandemic (and the American economy) … if we contend in prayer and process with God.

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A personal note — Brian Del Turco here. I’d like to share a note, and I know that Matt Peterson would agree. Even more important than dates and the understandable concern to see this struggle end, a more significant focus is, “Lord, what are you asking of me during this time. In what ways can I change?”

And another question: “Lord, in what ways are you asking your Church to change?” Our leading focus should be on transformation … personally and together with other Christ-Followers. The Society of Jesus can then please the Lord and more powerfully influence the Society-at-Large.

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